Sometimes all that is needed is professional advice – and to this end we offer an interior architecture consultation service. The architect guides the client on how their space should be planned, providing advice on the colour scheme, materials, fittings and fixtures and lighting, and which suppliers to choose. A consultation in itself does not lead to interior architecture design work being carried out.   

Interior architecture design forms the basis of and a guideline for the work that is carried out on a space. It comprises a number of consecutive stages: preparatory work; design work; and construction. The design determines how an interior space will look; sets out the elements it will feature, including the prices of both materials and products; and is of assistance to builders and decorators in their work. It includes layout, which is to say the basic floor plan; the materials to be used (including paint and fittings such as lights and furniture) and quotes for them; and the electrical plans (indicating the positions of lights and power points on the main floor plan). Design work can also include illustrations of special furniture. In addition to physical design work, the service also involves visiting suppliers with the client to select the most suitable materials; visiting the building site both during and after construction (to ensure that the plans are being followed); and resolving issues that arise in the course of construction and finishing work.
Interior architecture design work can comprise different tasks depending on the needs of the client.

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